Dance Karnataka Dance: Check High Points In DKD Do Your Wish Round On Feb 20 and 21

 - Sakshi Post

1. Darshan and Dakshitha performed to the song sum sumne from the movie Abhi, they used buckets and towels as props for the dance.
After their performance Arjun Janya choreographed a new step using bucket and taught it to Vijay Raghavendra.

2. Chaithrali performed to the song Amma amma I Love You from the movie Maurya, her mom joined her for the performance. Later on Chaithrali childhood pics were displayed on the screen.

3. Mahesh and Chaithra Koushik performed semiclassical dance form, fusioning Robotic moments and Bharathanatyam to the song Kele Cheluve from the movie Rangitharanga, and got golden hat for their performance.

4. Vijay singh Shettty and Rithika perfromed to the song Birugali yondige from the movie Tarak. They showcased how this generation treats old aged people - like leaving them in oldage homes, abandoning them,and to this performance they got golden hat.

5. Brunda called upon a ghost(Rahul S Rao) through a board game, and performed a chilling down the spine-fearing performance for the song Neecha Sullu Sutho Nalige from the movie Kirik Party.

6. Rahul performs for the first time after the mega auditions, after recovering from his leg injury he and his partner Sakshi performed to the song Yaare nenu roja huvve from the movie Naanu Nanna Hendthi

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