Comedy Is The Biggest Contribution In These Tough Times, Says Ikkat Actor Nagabhushana

 - Sakshi Post

Kannada comedy-drama Ikkat, set right in the middle of lockdown, has won the hearts of the viewers with its relatable storyline, that’s smart and at the same time funny. The film has been garnering a lot of appreciation from fans and critics alike ever since its release on Amazon Prime Video a few days back on July 21.

Having played the role of a couple struggling to deal with life in lockdown, lead actors N S Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty, who play the role of Vasu and Jhanvi respectively, are winning praise for their performances and impeccable coming timing.

Speaking about doing a comedy film amidst the pandemic, Nagabhushana said, “I am overwhelmed that Ikkat is making people laugh and they are enjoying our film. I think comedy is the biggest contribution in these tough times. I used to watch a lot of comedy films from the ’80s and 90’s to elevate my mood and keep me happy during the lockdown. After watching these films, I realized that making people laugh is a great contribution to society and I am happy that have done my part in some way with my film Ikkat.”

Filled with a whole lot of relatable lockdown experiences and hilarious moments, Ikkat is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video now.

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