From Comedian To Hero To Villain, Sunil Has Done It All!

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Comedian Sunil started to out his journey to enter Tollywood as a dancer but then his friend, writer-director, Trivikram Srinivas, advised him to try for character or comedy roles. The writer himself made him part of his films and after becoming a director, gave him roles to remember.


His popularity grew so much that he could become a hero on screen and he had two big hits like Andala Ramudu and Maryada Ramanna to make him stick to lead roles. His luck as the lead ran out due to bad films and he is back to doing character roles.

Interestingly, his friend Trivikram Srinivas, suggested him to take up villain roles as his physique changed from earlier to fit into comedian roles. The actor seems to have taken this seriously and his looks in latest Colour Photo film suggest that he is working on his looks to match the requirements of a villain on Telugu screen.

His first film as a villain, Ravi Teja's Disco Raja did not leave any impact but Colour Photo seems to have a strong character for him. People would like to see him trying all sorts of roles now, rather than sticking to one kind.

He seems to be highly capable and have lots of potential too. Why should he be limited to only one type of characters? 

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