Colors Kannada Losing Bigg Boss Viewership For This Reason?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss is one of the most talked about TV reality shows. Be it Hindi, Telugu or Tamil, each language has garnered its own unique fan following for the show. 

The current season of Bigg Boss Kannada is going great guns, thanks to contestants for their impeccable performance on the show. It’s very hard for people to have the same mind set while watching Bigg Boss. 

A section of the audience are not happy with the way Colors Kannada is highlighting the one and only pair Aravind-Divya Uruduga in a their promos. BBK viewers claim that the show runners are giving a  lot of screen space to the couple. Viewers are even asking, why Colors Kannada can’t treat all the contestants equally. 

They are of the view that if the show makers wanted to highlight Jodis, then they could have chosen couple contestants instead of individual contestants. 

BBK viewers are wondering why Colors Kannada is creating a big scene over Divya Uruduga leaving the house. If she leaves the house, there are other players aka contestants to continue the game. Netizens are asking the show makers if they are doing it only for TRP ratings. Now, due to this reason the show seems to be losing out viewership. We have to wait and see, whether Colors Kannada will understand the pulse of the viewers' and change the direction of the game.

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