Coco Austin b**b Freak Comment on Breastfeeding Daughter Triggers Uproar

 - Sakshi Post

American actress-model Coco Austin is once again back in the news for her breastfeeding habit. It is a known fact that the actress still breastfeeds her daughter at the age of 5. She often receives flack over this on social media, but it doesn’t change her.

Austin has said that it is her own wish and society should not stop her. It is wrong that the people are trying to pressure her into something that they deem is right. Society says that a mother should stop breastfeeding her kid at the age of 2, but this is not how I see it. Coco shared that she will only stop when her child says so. It is like a nurturing habit and a bond between mother and child, so it is not right to stop.

Her child with her husband, Ice T is now 5 and Austin still feeds her. She said during an interview that Chanel, her daughter is precious to her and she will nurture her this way as long as she can. The actress often becomes the target of anger and flack on social media. She is often told off by people, while her breastfeeding habit is termed, “bizarre”.

Even husband Ice T has defended her in the past when the news came out that Chanel was breastfed at the age of 3. He said that their parenting choices and habits shouldn’t concern others but there has been no end to this matter.

You can check Austin’s Instagram where she often shares pictures of herself breastfeeding her daughter, Chanel, and said that it doesn’t matter to her what people think. Coco revealed that even she didn’t think she would be breastfeeding for so long, but the feeling is just too pure. I feel like I am wanted and that is such an amazing feeling. I love it. I hope some mothers will understand what I am trying to say.

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