Chiranjeevi's Lucifer Remake Works To Start Again!

 - Sakshi Post

Megastar Chiranjeevi has moved to Bengaluru, for few days away from the claustrophobic environment in Hyderabad. As he stayed in home for past six months without having to work, he got bored and for a change, he is spending his time in Bengaluru. 

Soon, at his residence, director VV Vinayak and his writer's team will meet Chiranjeevi and narrate him the Telugu script, say new reports. According to them, the actor heard few things from VV Vinayak on video call and then asked him to visit him at Bengaluru residence. 

There the director will give him complete narration. Once they finalise on the total script and the changes, the team will move on to locking the final version, say sources. 

Vinayak will be the director of the film and Saaho Sujeeth, might get another film to work, say sources. Megastar believes that Vinayak understands the commercial angle that suits him better than the young director and hence, the shift has happened. 

Soon, we will get details about this film, Vedalam remake in the direction of Meher Ramesh and the film with KS Ravindra in the production of Mythri Movie Makers.

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