Chiranjeevi Puts An End To Garikapati Controversy With A Philosophical Note

Chiranjeevi Puts And End To Garikapati Controversy With A Philosophical Note - Sakshi Post

Garikapati Narasimha Rao's comments on Megastar Chiranjeevi at the Alai Balai programme had spiraled into a major controversy after Chiranjeevi’s brother Naga Babu made snide remarks at the spiritual leader. Lyricist Ananta Sriram using subtle words rhyming with the spiritual leader's name took a jibe at him recently. This was followed by a series of actors and Tollywood technicians going vocal and expressing their ire at Garikapati and expressing their allegiance to the Megastar at various events in the past week after the incident took place in Hyderabad. 

Megastar fans went off on a tirade on social media saying that Garikapati's threat to Chiranjeevi that he will leave the show if he did not end fans' photo session was incorrect. Chiranjeevi however didn’t say much and quietly went and sat next to the preacher and even invited him for luncheon.

Finally on Thursday Chiranjeevi put an end to the controversy during an event. He said that Garikapati was an elderly man and that there was no need to discuss his comments further.  Chiranjeevi was speaking at a success meeting of his latest film Godfather and made these statements.

He said that though Acharya was a flop, he was not disillusioned.  “ Ramcharan and I returned most of our remuneration to the producers to protect the buyers. Regarding the Godfather movie, director Sukumar told Ram Charan that if small changes were made in the Malayalam movie Lucifer then the movie would be right for me. Later  Ram Charan mentioned the name of director Mohan Raja and said that he was confident that Mohan Raja would  do justice to the remake of Lucifer as he had seen Thani Oruvan which was brilliantly made. Actually making remake movies is a challenge. But due to the audience's response, Gharana Mogudu, Tagore, and now Godfather have been successful,” he said.

The Acharya actor also said that if he were to get a call from another industry like how Salman Khan had worked for Godfather, he would definitely do it. It is my wish to see   'Indian Cinema' should get a name without any linguistic or regional differences.

Getting to the actual point and on a rather philosophical note, Chiranjeevi said, “ I believe it’s not wrong to take one step back regarding certain issues. When I mean stepping back here, I mean being restrained. I am a firm believer that the truth will always prevail and when those who have wronged me come to me again after realizing their mistake, I will take them into my fold with love,” Chiranjeevi said.

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