Check Out How Much Dil Raju Earned From Nani’s V!

 - Sakshi Post

Natural star Nani's latest film ‘V’ is making headlines for all the right reasons. Although the film earned mixed reviews from critics and audiences, the producers appear to be in a happy space. According to sources, the filmmakers made good profits from its digital release.

OTT platform Amazon Prime started streaming the film on September 5. OTT platforms have become the biggest source for entertainment for movie buffs. Producers are also making good revenues from these digital platforms, finding the best alternative to the theatrical releases which are held up due to COVID-19.

Nani’s ‘V’ was produced by Dil Raju. Do you know how much the film earned? According to reports, Dil Raju is believed to have made a profit of Rs 10 crores. The film’s satellite, digital, and Hindi dubbing rights were believed to have been sold for a whopping Rs 46 crores.

The total amount spent on ‘V’ including the interests is Rs 36 crore. This is how he pocketed a profit of Rs 10 crores from ‘V’ during the crisis time.

Apart from Nani, the film also stars Sudheer Babu who was seen as an efficient police officer and he impressed everyone with his note-worthy performance. Nivetha Thomas and Bollywood actor Aditi Rao played the two female leads in the film.

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