Check Out the Bigg Boss Ultimate Last Week Nomination List

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The Bigg Boss Ultimate curtains will be down soon. Yes, you heard it right. Bigg Boss Ultimate has completed 57, and there are 14 more days until the Bigg Boss Tamil OTT grand finale. The Bigg Boss Ultimate season lasts 71 days, and ten contestants were given exit passes from the house. Seven more contestants are left in the battle for the Bigg Boss Ultimate trophy. The contestants are Abhirami, Balaji M, Juliana, Niroop, Ramya, Suruthi, and Thamarai. As it was in last week's nominations, all the contestants were nominated for this week's elimination. 

Bigg Boss Ultimate is gaining popularity, and the contestants in the house are working hard to keep the Bigg Boss Tamil OTT viewers entertained. It is worth mentioning that Abhirami, Niroop, and Bala's triangle of possessiveness has grabbed the attention of the audience and made them watch the show. Earlier, Niroop and Abhirami were in a relationship, but they broke up for some reason. Niroop revealed their love story on Valentine's Day task. Anyway, Niroop is possessive about Abhirami and Bala's bond. However, the makers of Bigg Boss Ultimate will ensure that all three are in the top five list to maximise viewership. On the other hand, Julia and Bala's bond is also interesting because it makes viewers want to watch Bala in a tight spot where he should select either Abhirami or Julia. Let us wait and see what the makers of Bigg Boss Ultimate have in store for us.

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