Can't Imagine My Life Without Music, Says Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Telugu Contestant Abhinav

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A 17-year-old boy initially decided to pursue music to fulfill his father's dream of becoming a singer. But, with time, he realised singing was his true calling and now, he can't even imagine a day without music. He feels so blessed and very fortunate to be a part of Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. He believes in the mantra of 'This is my last but I should give my best' and 'Everything happens for a reason'. In an exclusive interaction with Sakshi Post, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Telugu contestant Abhinav Avasarala tells Priyadarshini B, about his interests and musical journey so far.

How did it feel when your father made you join music classes. Apparently, it's your father's dream that you become a singer, right?

Actually, my father put me in Carnatic Music classes when I was in my Grade 3. At that time, I wasn't interested in music not because I didn't like it but I thought I lacked talent. But after watching reality shows, I started doubting myself. I wondered 'Can I sing with orchestra', 'Is my voice suited for singing'. I was always nervous thinking about such things.

But, my father believed in me, more than I believed in myself. After I got selected for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, I became much more confident and my interest in music also grew. I also participated in Bol Baby Bol and reached semifinals.

When you started off initially, Did you enjoy music classes or did you find it boring?

My father made me join music classes forcefully, but now I can't think of a life without music. I can't even imagine a day without music.

Who was your first Music Guru?

I learnt music from Satyakumari for four years. Once I moved to the US, I learnt music from Ambika Rama Subramanyam. After a couple of years, I came back to India and trained under Kosuri Seshulatha and would continue with her.

Mom or Dad—Who do you like to share your ideas with?

I share my ideas with both my mom and dad. I spend more time with my mom because my dad is quite busy with his office work. But Dad is my go-to person in difficult situations. He is the one who can handle stress.

Who is your best friend on the sets?

I share a good rapport with everyone and we spend a lot of time together. I'm close to almost everyone like Akhil, Sudhanshu, Pranav, etc.

How do you manage your studies and singing?

My parents never put any pressure on me as they know I give my cent percent to whatever I do. 

Do you have a musician on your wishlist that you want to first work with?

I want to do cover songs with the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Orchestra team. 

Besides singing, what is your other passion?

After my 10th, I started learning coding and it's quite interesting. I love travelling a lot. I want to visit at least 60 countries in my lifetime. I want to know about different cultures. 

What are your hobbies?

I play basketball. I also played for my school.

One thing that you strongly believe in?

I believe in 'Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst'. We should work and if it is meant for us, it will definitely happen. I wouldn't get disappointed even if something doesn't happen.

What are your favourite songs?

I love to listen to Harris Jayaraj, and Karthik Songs.

Who is your favourite singer and musician?

SPB is my all-time favourite. When I was in the US, I got an opportunity to sing in front of SP Bala Subrahmanyam in Houston, USA. I received an award from SPB and when I met him, it was a dream come true. My father was so happy that he shed happy tears. 

One word that best describes the following people

Koti - Very energetic
SP Shailaja - Ideal Person
Smita - Friendly 
Anant Sriram - Cool

Do you like reading books?

I read articles on technology to upgrade myself.

Who are you thankful for?

I want to thank Arun, Shiva and other vocal trainers and the entire team of the Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Saketh Anna is one of the members who encourage me a lot. I thank my parents because they have immense faith in me.

Rapid fire with Abhinav Avasarala:

Spending time with family or going out with friends? 

Spending time with family

Instagram or Twitter - Instagram 

Ice cream or Chocolate - Ice cream

SPB or Shailaja mam - A tough question to answer

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