Can You Answer These Toughest KBC Questions? Check Out Kaun Banega Crorepati Q&As

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Kaun Banega Crorepati is back with its 12th season. It began with contestant Lakshmi Ankushrao Kavade. She comes from a humble background. Getting married at a young age and now working as a peon at a Delhi school, Lakshmi really wanted to do something for herself.

She was really happy to be on KBC as she would finally get a chance to fulfill her dreams. Lakshmi answered the first 10 questions correctly and received her first cheque from Mr. Bachchan, but at the expense of using up all her lifelines. Now Lakshmi had to play the game on her own. She answered the next two questions correctly, but reached a halt at the 13th question. She was struggling a bit and eventually decided that it would be best for her to quit the show than to risk giving a wrong answer. Lakshmi took back content money of Rs 12.5 lakhs with her.

There were certain questions asked on KBC which can be pretty difficult to answer. Lakshmi’s question that she fumbled upon was:

1. Which veda is broadly grouped into two parts - Krishna and Shukla?

Options:  A) Yajurveda B) Samaveda C) Rigveda D) Atharvaveda

Answer is Yajurveda

Do you think you can answer these questions? Give it a try:

2. According to the Ramayana, where were Bharat and Shatrughna when Dasharatha died?

Options: A) Kishkindha B) Kekaya C) Kosala D) Mithila

Answer is Kekaya

3. What is Deekshabhoomi, a location associated with Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, situated?

Options: A) Nagpur B) Pune C) Amravati D) Nanded

Answer is Nagpur

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