Can These Names Be Part Of Final List Of BB4 Contestants?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu became a huge success from the initial season. Jr. NTR debuted on TV as a host in the first season and then Nani took over from him. As second season became extremely controversial, Nani dropped out from the next season. 

As Bigg Boss producers wanted a person with claiming influence and joyful nature, they went for Nagarjuna. Even though Nag's style of no controversy and no heated discussions did not bode well with online audiences, it did strike a chord with family audiences and the show has put up good numbers on weekends, when his episodes have aired. 

The finale episode, even though winner's name was already leaked fetched record numbers and hence, Nagarjuna is back as the host for 4th season. His latest promo in three different getups created a huge buzz for the show too. 

The speculations about the possible contestants have gone high, too. According to the reports, Anchor Jhansi, Actor Nandoo, Singer and actor Noel Sean, Mehboob Dil Se, Harika, Singer Mangili, Anchor Rashmi, Shraddha Das, Hamsanandini, "Viva" Harsha Chemudu could be part of the show, in the season 4. 

Until the day before the telecast, it has been hard to find out the details of the contestants for sure before and it is the same, this time too. But we will do our best to get you the latest updates. Stay connected.

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