BTS V Heartfelt Note to ARMY

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BTS V has written a heartfelt note to ARMY after the  K-Pop band BTS announced that they are going on a hiatus to fuocus on their solo careers.  The announcement was made during the recently held FESTA dinner. 

The note read, “We’re happy.  All seven people have different tempos in personality tendencies, likes and dislikes., but all of Ami's thoughts  are the same, so I had go to the moon. For 10 years, I was scared to always look up and move forward, and I had to give up on me for the team, and I couldn't count the guidelines and hardships that always come after happiness in i. Now it's the beginnng of our healthy steps to remain bulletproof for a long time, so I believe Ami will really like it. Ami and Bullet proof have a purple line, so lets look at it for a long time so that the color does not break and the richness of the color lasts. We love ami so much. 

As they celebrated their nine-year long journey, the music band shared with their fans that they are planning to take a break to focus on their individual interests.

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