BTS V Confirms All Bangtan Boys to Get 7 Tattoo

BTS V Confirms All Bangtan Boys to Get 7 Tattoo  - Sakshi Post

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung went V live to mark the 9th Anniversary on June 13. 

He said that it’s been a long since he met the ARMY, so he came back to talk and play with them. He also said it felt happy to see so many ARMIES join the live session.

He also said that he was thinking of getting the 7 number Tattoo number, but he is not sure where to get it from. V also said he will decide soon and go along with Jung Kook to get inked. Later, he asked the ARMY to give suggestions as to where he should get it and the place should not disturb his work. The BTS ARMY gave many suggestions. 

After a while, he played the MY You song by Jungkook and said he listened to it a month ago and he liked it a lot. 

The live continued for almost an hour and a half, in which he played some music for the listeners and said that he had taken up a challenge, trying not to laugh while watching Run BTS. He managed to some extent, but after a while, he couldn’t control it and burst out laughing. 

He ended the live expressing his thanks to the BTS ARMY.

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