BTS To Release Butter CD Single On July 9, ARMY Anniversary

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The renowned boyband BTS will be releasing a new CD single for their song Butter. The CD is set to release on July 9, which is ARMY’s Birthday (the day the fandom was named). There will be two versions of the CD, “Peaches” and “Cream.”

Peaches and Cream, ARMYs said reminds them of Namjoon’s part in the band’s famous 2016 song, ‘Blood Sweat and tears,’ where he raps, “Peaches and Cream, Sweeter than Sweet.” Knowing the band and how they like to drop hints, could also mean something.

The CD will include their smash hit single, ‘Butter’ and its instrumental version. Also, there will be a new track in it.

A statement released on Weverse read, “In addition to the digital single 'Butter' that was saturated by an outpouring of love from fans everywhere, the CD will include a new track that will make your heartbeat to the rhythm of BTS’s positive energy.”

“In celebration of ARMY’s birthday, BTS’s “Butter” CD single will be released on Friday, July 9, available for pre-order from Tuesday, June 15,” it added.

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This news was shared right after the BTS anniversary celebration with Muster Sowoozoo ended. It was a good and successful event with millions of fans watching it live. BTS were not able to see ARMYs in person but their presence on-screen certainly made things better and help cheer them up.

Butter Single CD comes out on July 9, which is ARMYs eighth anniversary. The song is already doing well on the charts with 3 weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. ARMYs have been planning on giving this No.1 as a gift to BTS on their eighth anniversary and now that it has happened not once but thrice, the fans couldn’t be happier.

This gives the band their fourth No.1 on BB Hot 100 chart. BTS is now one of the only seven acts in history to earn 4 No.1s in less than a year and the only group ever to debut three songs on the top spot. Butter is expected to break more records and surpass BTS’ previous records held by ‘Dynamite.’

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