BTS Hopes For The End To Pandemic in New Single Permission To Dance

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The biggest boyband BTS is back with a brand new single ‘Permission to Dance’ and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The track has a lively summer vibe with the music video made with the purpose to cheer everyone up.

It was ARMY Day on July 9; that is when the fandom was named. As a gift to their fans on their 8th anniversary, BTS released the song to not just make ARMYs happy but everyone else as well. The MV has a western country-cowboy theme with relatively smooth and chill moves. It is a catchy song; the chorus especially is bound to get stuck in your head.

As we guessed from the teaser, the theme of the song and video are ‘the end to the pandemic’ and hopes for a new and better world. The entire world has been affected by the Covid19 pandemic, things are not like they used to be in early 2019. But BTS brings hope to all with their song and imagines an end to the pandemic.

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The MV starts with everyone wearing a mask and going about their lives but it ends with people finally able to throw it all away and just live their lives freely. “The music's got me going, Ain't nothing that can stop how we move, yeah”. Also, the video has kids adorably running around with purple balloons which is a call to the special bond between BTS and ARMYs with the colour ‘purple.’

Permission to Dance comes in collaboration with Ed Sheeran. This is the band and Sheeran’s second song together after Make it Right.

Butter is reigning high on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the sixth week on No.1. If Butter stays at No.1 position for one more week (total 7 weeks), it can later be replaced by Permission to Dance in the 8th week. This means BTS will become only the second boyband since The Beatles to replace their own song on BB Hot 100. ‘Pass the Baton’ as Suga said.

Let’s see what happens. Until then enjoy Permission to Dance MV Here:

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