BTS Butter MV Breaks Almost Every Youtube 24 Hour Record, Gets 108.2 Million in A Day

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The global sensation BTS released their new English single on May 21 and it has now been a whole day since the song’s release. We are all aware of the band’s fandom, ARMYs power and what they can achieve but it never seizes to surprise us.

Every time BTS comes back with new music, it is like a festival. This time as well, it was no different. The anticipation with ‘Butter’ was high as ever also because BTS had an amazing year with Dynamite. The song released in August last year and made its debut on the No.1 position of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is still charting high.

Knowing ARMYs and the fact that breaking records is their forte, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BTS’ Butter broke almost every single Youtube 24 hour record ever. The band even got the highest MV premiere with over 3.9 million peak concurrent viewers breaking Dynamite’s record which had 3 million premiere. 

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Starting with the fastest 10 million views to 20 million, 30M and so on. They went on to surpass 60 million views in record time (8 hours and 55 minutes) but right after that, the views were deleted.

Butter lost a total of 12 million views but what comes as a surprise is that they remained on top and once again the MV became the fastest 60 million views holder doing it in 11 hours and 25 minutes since the video’s release and then went on getting fasted 70M and so on.

Here comes the best part! Butter got a total of 108.2 Million views and 8.6M likes in the first 24 hours. BTS now surpassed their own 24-hour record (Dynamite – 101M) with Butter. Youtube officially confirmed these views. 

Congratulations BTS and ARMY!

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