BTS ARMY Swoon Over Video of V Dancing at A Club

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BTS ARMYs had a busy time keeping up with the boys yesterday since they were busy updating their information on social media as an April Fool’s Day prank. After Jimin changed Bangtan's common Twitter username to his own, Kim Taehyung, nicknamed V changed it again, this time to reflect as his own account. He updated both his profile and cover photo. He altered the account's name from Jimin Park to Golf Prodigy Kim Taehyung, and the bio now states, "no no Kim Taehyung."

The Delete King of Instagram uploaded a lovely dance video on the social media platform, and ARMYs are loving it. Taehyung is seen in the video dancing alone amidst elderly couples at a jazz club in Las Vegas, with his sleeves pulled up. Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me To The Moon' plays in the background as he grooves gracefully to the music.

He wrote, “Shall we dance?” “to be honest taehyung dancing to live jazz in a club among older couples, sleeves rolled up being the main character is exactly what i imagined his friday night to look like,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

The ARMYs couldn't get enough of his nonstop social media activity. "Y'all know that great vintage edit of Taehyung being an old love that you'll tell your kids about?" "This new video of him dancing to jazz while smiling gently has the same vibe," other user wrote.

Meanwhile, the members of BTS are preparing to perform at their PTD on Stage Las Vegas performance, which will take place following the Grammy Awards. They are also scheduled to play at the Grammys, however, BTS member Jungkook recently tested positive for Covid-19. 


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