BTS ARMY Shows Proof of Jimin Dating Song Da Eun

BTS ARMY Shows Proof of Jimin Dating Song Da Eun - Sakshi Post

BTS member Jimin was in the news for his rumoured dates with many popular K-Pop stars and actresses. Now the buzz is that he is dating Korean actress Song Da Eun. 

An unknown source has released the proof photos showing that they were dating, but which is reportedly deleted later for reasons unknown. The pieces of evidence include both members wearing the same kind of jewellery and attending the same event at a time.

Very soon after hearing the news BTS ARMY folks went into a frenzy and were super excited and started supporting him to start having a real relationship. 

Many were congratulating the couple, while a few posted derogative comments about the pictures and news.

 As of now the BTS member Jimin or Korean actress Song Da Eun didn't react to the news. 

Here are the tweets of fans.

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