BTS 21st Century Beatles, Say Music Lovers | BTS is BTS Says Jungkook

 - Sakshi Post

There is no doubt that BTS is the biggest boyband in the world right now. Hailing from South Korea, this band is breaking many records all over the world. Being a big name in the industry brings comparisons as well.

BTS are constantly referred to as the “Beatles of the 21st Century.” The Beatles made a huge impact in the 1960s and are still legends, similar to the impact that BTS is making in the present time. BTS are on their journey to becoming legends. A name that will not be forgotten. But is it right to call BTS as the next Beatles? 

On being compared with the Beatles, BTS member Jungkook said that it is an incredible honour and that he is grateful to hear that. But he still wishes to be just BTS. A new band, new people and new everything. 

The first BTS, the one and only and not the “next” anything. Even ARMYs, (BTS fans) have said a few times that the situations these bands became famous in, are very different. The music, the message are different as well. BTS is a South Korean boyband. They sing in a language that is not known to many people. There is an obvious language barrier, and a few hurdles that this band from East Asia had to overcome in order to spread their message across. 

We can say that The Beatles and BTS are their own individual bands, a name that both bands made for themselves. 

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