BTS’ New MV, Life Goes On Feels Like A Warm Hug While The Album BE Is A Letter To ARMYs

 - Sakshi Post

BTS has finally released their fully self-produced album, BE. The album is a reflection of their thoughts and experiences during the lockdown.

The title song ‘Life Goes On’ is a message to their fans. Even though life might seem a bit difficult now, one day everything will be fine. Remember this is how, Life will go on. It will all come back like nothing ever happened. They shared a Music Video for Life Goes On. The MV was directed by member Jungkook and it feels so warm and personal. The MV starts with the members trying to spend time at home and ends with them performing at an empty stadium. Life Goes On feels MV like a letter from BTS to their fans, whom they miss dearly.

Life Goes On MV has emotionally hit the fans as the words, ‘I am Crying’ started trending on Twitter. Even ARMYs sharing tweets on how much they miss seeing BTS perform and cheering for them in a stadium. Fans are trending Hashtags like #LifeGoesOnWithBTS and #BEWithBTS, sharing stories of their lockdown experience and assuring their favs that Life will go on as long as ARMYs and BTS are together.  

Even when they are feeling emotional, ARMYs never fail to have fun. The fans are now left confused. They are fighting amongst themselves trying to decide which song deserves the title of ‘SOTY.’ ARMYs are having a hard time deciding between the band’s early releases like ON and Dynamite and the latest release, Life Goes On and cannot seem to come to a conclusion as to which song deserves the No.1 song title.

BE has eight tracks in total. Fly to my Room and Stay are subunit songs that come with a really fresh pairing between the members. Blue and Grey is a pop ballad whereas Telepathy and Dis-ease are funky old-school bops. The album also includes a skit and the pre-released single, Dynamite.

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