Breaking News: Vanitha Vijaykumar Out of Bigg Boss House

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Vanitha Vijaykumar is the most popular contestant on Bigg Boss ultimate show. She is known for her high drama inside the glass house. She is constantly in the news due to her controversial fights with other contestants. In yesterday's episode, Vanitha and Thamarai got into an ugly spat after which Vanitha was seen  telling in the confession room that she wants to quit the game and get out of the Bigg Boss Ultimate house. Vanitha is apparently finding it hard to stay in the house as she feels other contestants are targeting her. However, she has stayed strong and fought for herself, but her sudden breakdown has shocked the contestants. Some rumors say that Vanitha is quitting the house due to her health issues.

Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss Ultimate Wikipedia page has updated the page stating Vanitha has walked out of the glass house. Even a few Bigg Boss Ultimate pages on social media platforms say that Vanitha is out of the Bigg Boss house. However, for more details, we should wait and watch today's live episode. It is worth mentioning here that Vanitha's fights are one of the reasons for the audience to watch the Bigg Boss ultimate show. We can say that viewers will miss Vanitha. 

In the Bigg Boss house, there will be one contestant like Vanitha who will always fight and argue with co-contestants over silly reasons and grab the viewers' attention. Let's wait and watch what the actual reason for Vanitha's walkout was in tonight's episode. 

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