Bandla Ganesh Conquers COVID-19, Says Immunity Boosting Is The Key To Beat The Virus

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HYDERABAD: Actor-turned-producer Bandla Ganesh, who tested positive for COVID-19 on June 19, has recently recovered from the virus after a 14-day home quarantine. He shared his COVID-19 home isolation experience besides revealing a few facts about how to deal with the virus in his exclusive interview with Sakshi.

He said that boosting immunity with nutritious food is the right weapon to fight against the COVID-19.

Here is the chit-chat with the Tollywood comedian-turned-producer.

How did you realise you were affected with COVID-19? Were there any symptoms?
I have no symptoms related to COVID-19. I went to a clinic in Jubilee Hills for a hair transplant and the doctors there have advised me to undergo a customery coronavirus test before hair treatment. I took the test and after two days, I received the phone call that I tested positive. I was shocked.

How did you react when you knew you tested positive for COVID-19?
For a minute, my mind went blank. Could not believe my ears as I always thought I took adequare care and precautions. I used to watch COVID-19 related programmes on TV. I was really scared. All that I could do is pray to God to get me out of this predicament.

What kind of treatment did you get for COVID-19?
As soon as I was informed about my testing positive for COVID-19, I isolated myself in my upper floor room and went into a 14-day home quarantine. I took the advice of doctors to follow the medication. I have eaten eggs twice a day, in the morning and evening, to boost my immunity. I have also taken vitamin capsules. I did all the breathing exercises besides gargling my throat with hot water. I have transformed my room into a meditation chamber. I used to send back my clothes only after soaking them in hot water. Throughout the 14 days, I did not step out of my room.

How did your family members react?
Even though they did not come near me, they have taken care of all my needs.
What kind of change did COVID-19 bring to you?
I was very upset after testing positive for COVID-19. I realised humans are no exception to anything. How peacefully we live without getting into any conflicts and controversies is what matters at the end of the day.

How are theTelugu state governments working to contain the COVID-19?
The Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are doing a great job. This pandemic was unexpected. Governments are implementing all the measures to contain the virus spread.

How do you receive the opposition criticism with regard to coronavirus care?
COVID-19 is a global disaster and criticisms are inappropriate at this point. We can effectively combat this pandemic only through the collective efforts of all.

As someone who conquered coronavirus, are you ready to donate your plasma to those battling with COVID-19?

Yes I am ready to donate plasma. I feel privileged if a person survives because of me.

What is your message for the COVID-19 infected people?
I advise people to bravely combat COVID-19 if infected with it. They should take Immunity boosting foods as a part of their diet and should follow the medication. They should take vitamin capsules and diet as prescribed by the doctors.  

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the film industry?
People will automatically return to the habit of watching films in theatres after the vaccine is found for COVID-19. The film industry will definitely bounce back to come out of losses in the future.

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