Bindu Madhavi Creates History on Bigg Boss Telugu

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Bindu Madhavi, Bindu Madhavi, Bindu Madhavi... this name is being heard for the past few days. Social media has been flooded with #BinduMadhaviWinner. It seems Bindu fans' wish is all set to come true. Yes, the rumour is true. 

According to insiders, Bindu Madhavi has won the Bigg Boss Non Stop title. Bindu has finally broken the Jinx in Bigg Boss Telugu. Yes. She is the first female winner of Telugu Bigg Boss. The audience is praising her and say she is a fighter and a strong female contestant. They witnessed something which they had never did before in Bigg Boss Telugu history. Netizens are of the view that Bindu was a lone fighter in the glass house and no contestant supported her. But she stood strong, fought back and finally seems to have bagged the trophy. 

From one point of view, we can say that there Bindu did not have a friend in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house. As Bigg Boss mentioned, she cried alone and played with high spirit. At the start of the show, everyone expected that Akhil would defeat Bindu, but as the days passed, they got a clarity that Bindu would lift the trophy at any cost. Natraj Master's statements and words used for Bindu probably made her stronger and popular. The audience supported her and eliminated Natraj Master. The fight between Bindu and Akhil over proving themselves as right and strong contestants grabbed the audience attention. Bindu has gained huge popularity on social media. Top celebrities are also rooting for her and asked the audience to vote for Bindu. Bindu fans can't wait to see her winning moments in Bigg Boss Nonstop.  

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