Bigg Boss Ultimate: Wikipedia Leaks Eliminated Contestant's Name

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Bigg Boss Ultimate is heading towards the second week with a lot of drama and fights between the contestants. The contestants got into an ugly fight after the budget task. Vanitha's fight over the coffee irked the audience. Abhinay, Abhirami, Anitha, Balaji M, Balaji T, Juliana, Niroop, Shariq, Snehan, Suja, Suresh, Suruthi, Thamarai, and Vanitha are the 14 contestants in Bigg Boss Ultimate house.  The contestants who have been nominated for this week's elimination are Snehan, Suresh, Juliana, Niroop, Anitha Sampath, and Suruthi. According to the unofficial polls on social media platforms, Snehan, Suresh, Juliana, and Niroop are in the safe zone while Anitha Sampath, and Suruthi are in danger zone. 

But Bigg Boss Ultimate Wikipedia shows that Vanitha Vijaywkumar has been evicted from the house. But let us tell you Vanitha is not on the nomination list, but Wikipedia has updated its page that Vanitha is eliminated from the house. Later Wikipedia updated that Suresh got exit pass. So let us wait and watch tonight's episode to see what exactly happened and which contestant got a red card in the first week. 

Thanks to Bigg Boss Ultimate contestants, who are giving good content to the show, viewers are glued to their television sets not to miss a single episode. Tonight's episode will be interesting so stay tuned.

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