Bigg Boss Ultimate Week 2 Voting Trends

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Bigg Boss Ultimate is grabbing the attention of the audience with contestants' antics in the house. We can say that Bigg Boss Tamil viewers are enjoying the OTT version of the show more than Bigg Boss Tamil season 5. 

They say that the contestants are giving content so that there is some interest in watching the show. The viewers are enjoying every bit of Vanitha's high drama and arguments with other contestants. 

Currently, Bigg Boss has assigned Police and Thieves tasks to contestants. When Bigg Boss asked the contestants to swap the police and thieves, the housemates got into an ugly argument with each other. 

Thieves team is headed by Snehan with Niroop, Balaji, Abhirami, and Abhinay Vaddi. The thieves should rob the police team's personal belongings. The police team is headed by Vanitha. The task still continues let's see what will happen in tonight's episode. Taking about the voting results, the nominated contestants for this week's elimination are Abhinay Vaddi, Balaji, Bhalahie, Juliana, Suja, and Thamarai. According to unofficial voting poll, Balaji, Bhalahie, Juliana, and Thamarai are the contestants who have garnered maximum number of votes. Suja and Abhinay Vaddi are in the danger zone, while Suja has scored the lowest voting percentage. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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