Bigg Boss Ultimate: No Elimination This Week

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Bigg Boss Ultimate is completing its fourth week and all set to enter into another new week. Over the past week, viewers have witnessed so many twists both inside and outside the house. For the unversed, we already told you that Kamal Haasan will no longer be  the host of Bigg Boss Ultimate. He shared his unavailability citing clash of dates with his movie commiments.

After yesterday's task, Bigg Boss Ultimate viewers were trolling Bigg Boss makers and urging them to make tasks fun and not a pain for contestants. We can say that Bigg Boss Ultimate might lose viewers if they continue to assign such tasks to the contestants. We have arrived at another weekend and it's time for another round of elimination. So are you excited to know which contestant will get the red card this week? Then check this out.

The nominated contestants for this week's elimination are Abhirami, Anitha, Balaji T, Juliana, Niroop, Snehan, and Suruthi. According to unofficial polls on the social media platforms,  Abhirami, Anitha, Balaji T, Juliana, and Niroop are in the safe zone. Snehan, and Suruthi are said  to be in the danger zone. Snehan has reportedly earned the lowest voting percentage. However, there is a rumour going around that the makers of Bigg Boss Ultimate are not planning any eliminations this week.If the buzz is to be believed. It's good news for housemates, and a section of the audience aresaying that Bigg Boss makers are saving Snehan from elimination. What is your opinion on it? Comment below 

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