Bigg Boss Ultimate: No Elimination This Week?

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Bigg Boss Ultimate is managing to lure the viewers into watching the show. We can say that the show has managed to get positive response from the audience in the very first week itself. The views for the show on the OTT platform are impressive too. The participants on the show are from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil. So, with their experience in the Bigg Boss house, they are trying to play their own game strategy. 

Bigg Boss Ultimate is different from the Bigg Boss televised show and the show is for 70 days. Nine contestants will get a red card, while the top 5 will enter the Bigg Boss Tamil upcoming season. Bigg Boss Ultimate episodes will only be available to Hotstar subscribers. No episode will be broadcast on the TV channel.

There is speculation doing the rounds on social media platforms that there will be no elimination this week. Buzz has it that as this is the first week, the makers might not intend to evict anybody yet. But a section of the audience says that the elimination will take place at any cost because, on the Bigg Boss TV show, the elimination takes place in the first week itself. 

The contestants who have been nominated for this week's elimination are Snehan, Suresh, Juliana, Niroop, Anitha Sampath, and Suruthi. According to the Bigg Boss Ultimate Wikipedia, Suresh is the first contestant to be evicted from the house. Let us wait and see what the makers of Bigg Boss Ultimate have in store.

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