Bigg Boss Ultimate First Week Elimination: Contestants in Danger Zone

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Bigg Boss Tamil Ultimate is doing well, and the contestants in the house have started their antics and fights right from day of the show. Bigg Boss Ultimate is currently streaming live on DisneyPlusHotstar. The show is for 70 days and, as we said, it is totally different from the Bigg Boss television show. 

Bigg Boss Ultimate episodes will only be available on Hotstar subscribers. No episode will be broadcast on the TV Channel. After Bigg Boss Hindi OTT, Bigg Boss Tamil Ultimate is the second show to air in the OTT format. Bigg Boss Tamil OTT grabbed headlines after Kamal Haaasan announced the show. The audience did not expect that the makers would start the show so soon. 

Now, contestants who entered Bigg Boss Tamil Ultimate house are from the previous seasons. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants Niroop and Thamarai Selvi have also entered the house. 

Abhinay, Abhirami, Anitha, Balaji M, Balaji T, Juliana, Niroop, Shariq, Snehan, Suja, Suresh, Suruthi, Thamarai, and Vanitha are the 14 contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil Ultimate. Shariq is the first contestant to rule as the captain of the Bigg Boss Ultimate House. 

Talking about the voting results, the contestants who have been nominated for this week's elimination are Snehan, Suresh, Juliana, Niroop, Anitha Sampath, and Suruthi. 

According to the unofficial voting polls, Snehan, Suresh, Juliana, and Niroop are in the safe zone. The contestants who are in the danger zone are Anitha Sampath, and Suruthi. Vanitha's drama and fights with other contestants are creating some content for the show. 

The contestants are now gearing up for the first round of elimination in Bigg Boss ultimate. who do you think will get a red card this week? Comment below. 

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