Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: Geetu Vs Revanth Spat BBT6: Will These Contestants' Survival Strategy to Escape Elimination Work?Turns Ugly

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: The popular Telugu TV reality show BBT6 has finished its second week. Usually, in every season, one contestant will get eliminated from the house starting from the first week, but the makers seem to have changed the rules this season with host Nagarjuna deciding not to eliminate any contestants even though a few have even been nominated.

In the second week of nominations, Revanth and Geetu Royal had a verbal fight. Revanth got annoyed with Geetu saying talking to her was a major irritation.

Meanwhile, Geetu said that she did not like Revanth's joke on her after she was sent to jail. Then the two indulged in a verbal war which has been happening since day one of the show's launch. In the nominations, Geetu got 6 votes while Revanth got 4 votes.

In the latest episodes, Revanth and Geetu are always seen fighting in the house, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, netizens say that because of the fights, they are getting more screen space and increasing their fan base.

so as per netizens, neither Revanth nor Geetu will be eliminated as they are providing good content to the show makers. Star Maa will ensure they stay in the house and continue to entertain the small screen viewers. If that happens, then both these contestants have succeeded in achieving their survival strategy in the house.

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Revanth, Faima, Adi Reddy, Marina, Rohit, Geetu Royal, Shani, Rajshekar, and Abhinaya have been nominated for elimination in the second week. One of these contestants will leave the house in this weekend episode. As per sources, Abhinaya and Shani are in the danger zone.

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