Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Week Wise Elimination List

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Bigg Boss Non stop has become the most popular OTT reality show on Disney+ Hotstar. The show is providing interesting content to ensure the audience doesn't get bored. Bigg Boss Non Stop has completed seven weeks and is entering into its eighth week. 

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants have managed to grab the maximum number of viewers which is evident in the improved viewership, and special credit must go to the fights between Akhil and Bindhu which kept the audience entertained. Akhil and Bindhu often get into an argument over the tasks and nominations. But in the seventh week's tasks, Bindhu and Akhil played together, and it seems the equation between them has also changed. Shiva, Mahesh Vitta, and Anil Rathod are giving their 100% to win the tasks. 

Talking about the eliminations in Bigg Boss Non-Stop, there were a few unexpected eliminations, like Tejaswi and Mumaith Khan last week. By now, you must know that the voting poll results change every hour, and safe zone contestants go to the danger zone and vice versa. It is all depends on the contestants' PRs and Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers. 

PRs of a few contestants are so strong that they will go all aout to ensure the contestants survive in the Bigg Boss house till the last week of the show, even if they are non-performers or like Mitraaw, Ashu, Natraj Master, Ajay, and Anil. Strong contestants like Bindhu, Ariyana, and Akhil will automatically get votes for their performance and popularity. 

Contestants like Shiva and Mahesh Vitta will grab the audience attention and make them feel they should be in the show at any cost. However, there were many searches from the audience about the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu  week wise elimination list. Are you also looking for the same? Then check this out.


Eliminated Contestants

Week  1

Mumaith Khan

Week  2

Sree Rapaka

Week  3

RJ Chaitu

Week  4


Week  5


Week  6

Sravanthi and Mumaith Khan(re-entry)

Week  7

Natraj Master or Mitraaw

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