Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Week 8 Elimination is Tough, Deets Inside

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Bigg Boss Non Stop has managed to garner more eyeballs, thanks to the contestants' daily fights. With each passing day, the real faces of the contestants are being unmasked through the assigned tasks and nominations. The show has improved in terms of its viewership, and the contestants in the house are trying every trick in the book to win the hearts of the audience with their dramas, ugly fights, never-ending arguments, and lovey-dovey friendships. 

The show reached its eighth week and is still getting a positive response from the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers. Baba Bhaskar entered Bigg Boss Non-Stop via wild card to spice things up in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house. During yesterday's episode, contestants nominated each other and had lots of arguments and fights. It is well known that Akhil and Bindhu never leave an opportunity to argue and fight with each other over nominations. 

The nominated contestants for the ninth week of elimination are Bindhu, Akhil, Ashu, Anil, Hamida, and Ajay. Baba Bhaskar entered the house after the nomination task, and Bigg Boss gave him special power to save one of the contestants from the elimination round. Using his special powers, Baba Bhaskar saved Bindhu from elimination this week. 

With the exit of Bindhu from the elimination round, only Akhil, Ashu, Anil, Hamida, and Ajay have remained in the final list of the nominated contestants. According to the unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results, Akhil is topping the polls, followed by Anil Rathod. So Akhil, Anil, and Hamida are in the safe zone for now.

Currently, Ashu Reddy and Ajay are in the red zone. Most of the Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers wish Ashu should get an exit pass this week. Bigg Boss OTT Telugu viewers say that the ninth-week elimination is the toughest elimination process as all five contestants are the strongest players. So, let us wait and watch what the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers are planning ahead. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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