Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Voting Trends: Contestants in Danger Zone in 3rd Week Nomination

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It is known that Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu contestants finished the nomination task on Tuesday and nominated each other by stating their reasons As we all know, in the nomination task, contestants nominate other contestants by giving some reason for doing so. Most of the time, the reasons are silly, and more often than not, leads to ugly spat between contestants. Bigg Boss OTT Telugu contestants who got nominated for this week's elimination are Ariyana, RJ Chaithu, Hamida, Mithra, Tejasvi, Ajay, Natraj Master, Mahesh, Akhil, Sravathi, Shiva, and Bindhu. 

As per voting trends, Bindhu, Ariyana, RJ Chaithu, Tejasvi, Ajay, Natraj Master, Mahesh, and Akhil are in the safe zone. Hamida, Mithra, and Sravathi are said to be in the danger zone. 

A section of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers feel that the chances of Hamida, Mithra, and Sravathi getting an exit pass this week are high. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results have been released, and Bindhu and Ariyana are at the top of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results. Voting percentage and contestants' positions will change each day. However, as per the latest social media talk, the challengers are dominating warriors in terms of performance. 

Let us wait and watch to see what Bigg Boss Non Stop makers are planning. Which contestant do you want should get evicted in the third-week of elimination? Comment below. 

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