Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Viewers Say Akhil Is a Loser

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Bigg Boss Non-Stop is grabbing the attention of the audience with its tasks. The contestants in the house are not stepping back to entertain the audience with their silly fights. The clash between Akhil and Bindhu is making the audience stuck to their television sets. Anyway, the days of Bigg Boss Non Stop are passing quickly as it completed its fourth week and entered its fifth week. Akhil has got a huge following in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Akhil and Monal's chemistry in the house was a big plus point for both the actors. However, Akhil has again made his entry into the Bigg Boss Non Stop house as a warrior.

Akhil is giving his best to win the tasks and is performing well, but he is losing his game with some drawbacks. Netizens say that Akhil is not focusing on his game and tasks and is seen chit-chatting with Ashu and Ajay. Netizens further say that Akhil is taunting Bindhu and is trying to pull her down so that he can prove he is the strong contender. As we all know, Akhil and Bindhu have issues and misunderstandings since the day one of the show. Akhil and Bindhu get into a heated argument over every task. It is worth mentioning that Akhil is losing his game and fame by targeting Bindhu. In the last week's task, Akhil cried after an argument with Bindhu, which proves that he is a weak contestant. Based on that episode, Akhil haters and Bindhu fans say that Akhil is a loser. So do you agree with the statement, 'Akhil is a loser?' Let us know your opinion through your comments.

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