Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Second Runner Up Shiva From Zero To Hero

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Bigg Boss Non Stop contestant Shiva is known as the most controversial anchor outside the glass house. Shiva shot to limelight after the Fun Bucket Bhargav case. For  the unversed, Fun Bucket Bhargav was in the news for the sexual assault of a minor girl and the case became talk of the town. But before this case, Shiva interviewed Bhargav, in which there was some controversy surrounding Bhargav's ex in the phone call. Shiva questioned Bhargav's ex about him and Bhargav's ex break up after which she made some sensational comments about him, which became a highlight after the sexual assault case. From that point, Shiva's journey as a controversial anchor started. It is worth mentioning here that a section of the audience did not know Shiva, but now they say that Shiva is the only a contestant who gave good entertainment to the show. 

Netizens never expected that Shiva would reach the grand finale round and become the second runner up of Bigg Boss Non Stop. Shiva's popularity grew after his Bigg Boss Telugu OTT entry, which even he did not expect. A section of the audience says that Shiva deserved to be the winner, but due to his vote bank he became the second runner up. 

Talking about Shiva's performance, from day one he never got into any controversial fights or ugly arguments with other contestants. But his fight with Mitraaw and Natraj Master during nominations entertained the viewers. Shiva took up every task assigned by the Bigg Boss and played alone without any support. Earlier, there were a few trolls on Shiva that said he was with Bindu for votes and popularity, but within a few days, he proved the trolls were wrong by standing against Bindu. 

Shiva supported Bindu when she was feeling low after nomination tasks and fights. Sakshi Post congraulate you and wishing all the best Shiva

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