Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Double Elimination This Week?

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Bigg Boss Non-Stop is in its ninth week, and fans are glued to their television sets to watch interesting tasks, fights and arguments between contestants. The show has gained immense popularity since it premiered. And now, Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is heading towards the final week. As the battle for the final begins, contestants are giving stiff competition to each other in the tasks. The ninth-week nominations have ended after a 5-hour long debate with each other, and the wonder is that Akhil and Bindu did not get into an argument for the first time since the show started. Meanwhile, we can see the equations changing between the contestants after the eighth week elimination.

However, after a long debate, contestants who are on the nomination list are—Ariyana, Mitraaw, Anil, Natraj Master, Baba Bhaskar, Shiva and Hamida. According to Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results on social media—Ariyana, Shiva, Anil, and Baba Bhaskar are in the safe zone, while Mitraaw and Hamida are in danger zone. 

Now, there is a rumour doing the rounds on the internet that Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers are planning double eliminations this week. Speculation has it that Bigg Boss Non Stop is inching towards its finale and hence the makers want to eliminate as many contestants as possible. Most of the viewers say that it is highly likely that Hamida and Mitraaw will get exit passes from the house. 

For those who joined in late, Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers are planning a family meet this week, which is on 27, 28, and 29. Do you want to know inside information on Family meet round? Then follow Sakshi Post for more updates.  

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