Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Contestants Current Positions After Week 8

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Things in Bigg Boss Telugu OTT are not going as expected and the contestants are seen backstabbing each other. In the recent promo, Nagarjuna finally pointed out the issue between Akhil and Bindhu. It seems like host Nagarjuna may resolve the fights and misunderstandings between Akhil and Bindhu. We can say that Akhil and Bindhu are trying to prove themselves as strong contenders by putting down each other. 
During nominations, both Akhil and Bindhu get into huge ugly arguments and lose control over what they say to each other, leading to huge fights which become a  never-ending story. 
The same is the case with Bindhu and Akhil fans who are engaging in a wordy duel on Twitter over the events of the Bigg Boss Non Stop House episodes involving them. 
Anyways, let's hope the problem gets fixed by Nagarjuna in tonight's episode. 
Talking about the other contestants' performance, they are not giving up on any hard tasks and are not leaving a stone unturned to get into the good books of the audience. As per social media speculations, Ajay might be evicted this week, wild card entry Baba Bhaskar is adding spice to the show. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers predict that Baba Bhaskar will be on the finale list for sure.

Check out the list of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants' current positions after week 8

Bindhu- 1

Akhil- 2

Shiva- 3

Baba Bhaskar - 4

Anil- 5

Ariyana- 5

Hamida- 7

Ashu- 8

Mitra- 9

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