Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Bindu Madhavi's Voting Percentage Drops

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The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house is filled with tension and confusion as to the race for the finale ticket has begun. The top five contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 are entering the BiggBoss Non Stop house to conduct the finale ticket tasks. As of now, Maanas and Siri entered the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house and entertained the contestants and viewers. According to a source in the know, Bindu's voting percentage is dropping by the day while Akhil is leading the voting polls. We can say that this is the first time Bindu has slipped to the second place. Now, Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers believe that Bindu will be the runner-up and Akhil will be the winner, should this trend continue. Well, Bindu fans are trying hard to bring her back to the top position. 

As per social media reports, this week's nominations could be the reason for Bindu's popularity plunge. In this week's nominations, Bindu imitated Mitraaw after she was nominated. But Mitraaw also did the same earlier, and her voting percentage was affected. As we mentioned, Bigg Boss is the platform that also sees contestants' attitude, not only their performance. The only mistake of Bindu in the entire season affected her voting percentage. However, Bindu will be in the top five list and netizens say that she will prove herself again in next week's nominations. Bindu's fans say that other contestants are provoking her and this week, she lost her patience and had an emotional outburst. Even eliminated contestants mentioned that Bindu doesn't have any friends in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house like Akhil and Ariyana.

Talking about Bindu's performance in the house, she is giving her best and standing by herself, though she won't have any support in the house. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers branded her Aada Puli of Bigg Boss Non Stop. Bindu's popularity has increased after she stepped into the show. Do you think Bindu will be back in her position? Comment below.

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