Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Akhil's PRs Buying Reviewers, Check Proof

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Bigg Boss Non Stop contestant Akhil is giving his best and using all his strategies to win the game. In Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, Akhil was clear on his game and played it very well without any support, but in Bigg Boss Non-Stop, he seems to be confused.

Akhil is depending on other contestants, and viewers are not liking his attitude. They say that Akhil is overconfident and filled with jealousy.

Anyway, recently, YouTuber Geetu made a sensational comment on Akhil's mother, and the video is going rounds on social media platforms. She said that Akhil's mother was not in contact with her after Akhil stepped out of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. 

She said that Akhil's mother was very good to her and regularly contacted her when Akhil was in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. After Akhil came out of the show, Geetu tried to contact Akhil's mother, but she did not respond to calls or messages. Later, they unfollowed Geetu on Instagram.

"Akhil's mother tried to contact me when he entered Bigg Boss Non-Stop but I avoided her calls because I didn't like the way she treated me," said Geetu. 

By this, Akhil's haters are saying that Akhil's family is buying reviewers. They claim that Akhil is getting saved by these all tricks and he has fake fans. These issues are quite common in any reality show, and contestants' hiring PRs is an open secret outside the show.

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