Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Akhil True Colors Exposed, Deets Inside

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Akhil has gained huge popularity in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 and the audience admire his performance and game strategy in the house. Akhil played his own game, and his romance with Monal and fight with Abhijeet over Monal drew the attention of the audience. But in Bigg Boss Non-Stop, Akhil seems to be dependent on others, and playing group games has Bindhu mentioned in every task. 

Akhil's friends in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house are Ajay, Ashu and Natraj Master. Earlier, netizens stated that Natraj Master and Ashu were trying to distract Akhil and that is why he was unable to focus on the game. But after watching today's Bigg Boss Telugu OTT live where Akhil complains and grumbles about Ajay to Natraj for a whole one-hour duration making viewers realise that Akhil is spoiling his own game. 

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers say that Akhil is jealous of Ajay as Baba Bhaskar gave Ajay the best performer credit. A section of the audience thinks that Akhil's silly complaints about Ajay clearly show that he is using Ajay only for his own benefit. That being said, Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers are upset with Akhil's double standards as this was not expected from him. 

And Bindhu fans proved that she was right about the arguments about Akhil's friendship with other contestants. However, Ajay always got into an ugly fight with Bindhu to protect Akhil. So the audience requests show host Nagarjuna to unmask and reveal Akhil's true colours to Ajay and make him pay for that guilty. In the recent promos also we can see that Akhil lashing out at Ajay. Let us wait and watch.   How things in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 season get interesting in the coming days

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