Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Meet The Most Targeted Contestant

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 nomination task has begun with high-voltage arguments. Adi Reddy, Nettu, and Neha were saved from nomination as they were in the same class group in the task.  

As per BBT6 viewers, contestants nominated each other for silly reasons. As we mentioned earlier, the reason for the nomination doesn't seem reasonable. 

In yesterday's nomination task, most of the contestants targeted Revanth over his behavior in the house and towards housemates. Well, Faima and Revanth got into a heated argument, including Arohi, who also got into an ugly fight with Revanth. The second contestant who was targeted is Sai Satya for his attitude issues. Most of the contestants nominated Sri Satya over behaviour. 

Post this episode, audience feel Revanth is being targeted because contestants think he is the strongest competitor for them. Revanth had a huge fan following and fame outside the house. They say that Revanth is trying hard to adjust in the house and finding it difficult to mingle with other contestants. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers predict that Revanth will definitely be in the top three contestants' list if he continues to be strong. 

Netizens say that Revanth should understand that he will be attacked by other contestants as he has earned immense popularity all over the country with his Indian Idol season 9 win.

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