Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Promos Most Boring, Say Viewers

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Bigg Boss show in any language provide non-stop entertainment to the small screen viewers. Every channel airing Bigg Boss show has its own unique style to grab the attention of the viewers. As you all know, from top celebrities to small screen celebrities, look forward to entering the glass house. For the first two days, the environment in the house is mostly calm. It's rare that the fights begin on the very first day. It totally depends on the contestants. The makers try hard to attract the viewers, and their first attempt is via the promo. 

Promo plays an important role in this kind of show. Because if the promo is interesting, even the viewers who are not interested in the show may switch the channel to watch it. But in Season 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu, viewers feel that the makers are not creating promos creative enough to woo the TV audience. And the number of promos released by Star Maa is also fewer when compared to Bigg Boss Kannada or Bigg Boss Tamil. Usually Colors Kannada and Vijay TV releases at least 4 to 5 promos in a day, while Bigg Boss Telugu makers make do with only 2 promos. And of those, one is from the previous night. 

Apart from the promos, the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu viewers say that contestants this season have not been given tasks interesting enough to pique the curiosity of the audience. The content on Bigg Boss should be full of drama and fights, only then will be the audience be interested to watch it. Bigg Boss Telugu makers are only focusing on love tracks between the contestants. According to show enthusiasts, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are bored of love tracks and want more action in the house. 

History of the show has proven that Love tracks in the Bigg Boss show doesn't work until and unless the couple is cute. And in this week's tasks, Bigg Boss Telugu makers are continuing the cake task and viewers are bored and switching to other channels. The fact about Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is that even the contestants are not that good and neither are they creating any controversial content to grab the viewers' attention. 

Another huge drawback this season is that there is no wild card entry due to the pandemic situation in the state. Besides, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers feel that host Nagarjuna could be more assertive and reprimand the contestants. They are demanding that the makers change the weekend script, like Kannada Bigg Boss.

Let's see what the Star Maa will do to change format of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 to grab more eyeballs.

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