Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Will The Game Change If Kumar Sai Is Evicted?

 - Sakshi Post

Kumar Sai entered as a wild card entry into Bigg Boss House and the actor tried his best to entertain audiences. More than his antics, his dedication in playing the game, his fight with Sohel gained more traction. 

The actor wanted to perform at his absolute best in the home and tried to project himself as an entertainer. But he had his own reservations in being open with everyone. 

This seems to have resulted in him not establishing good connections with other contestants and also with the audiences. If rumours are to be believed, his will be the next person to be eliminated from the house. 

Now, coming to constant nominees for eviction - Noel Sean and  Lasya once again found themselves in the safe zone. Abhijeet and Monal Gujjar are still under the scanner. They seem to be too strong to be eliminated. 

Ariyana, Akhil, Divi are this week's new entries into the elimination zone. They have acquired good popularity among the audiences to be eliminated so soon. Until the audiences have decided to give a shocking verdict. 

Harika has been announced to be in safe zone on Saturday. Sunday episode might bid good bye to Kumar Sai Pampana and looking at the game till now, a contestant like Amma Rajasekhar or Akhil being eliminated might change the game rather than Kumar Sai exit. 

Bigg Boss is a show where we never know how the things will change. Let's see what twist awaits us this weekend on Sunday. 

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