Bigg Boss Telugu 4 First Weekend Sparks Comparions With Previous Seasons

 - Sakshi Post

The way Bigg Boss Telugu took over the TV ratings in its first season with Jr. NTR as host and Navdeep and Siva Balaji kind of contestants, the expectations from audiences from the show grew sky-high. The second season had Kaushal Manda storm written all over it which the makers never anticipated. 

The third season started off with clear-cut balancing approach. It saw few ups and downs to finally become the most watched show on TV on finale night. 

But opnion seems to be somewhat divided on the fourth season. There is no clear verdict as of now even though it's a bit too premature to judge it after the very first week. There are divergent views on how the show is panning out. For some, season 4 is the best in terms of its start while some others feel that the show seems to be taking its own time to warm up. The reason for the sceptics to feel not so enthused is that the season 4 contestants don't seem to have the 'X-Factor' which, they feel, the previous season's contestants had brought to the table.

Only Gangavva seems to be 'not so bothered' about winning or losing the show. Her innocence will help her conquer the title, is the firm opinion being expressed by a section of the audiences. According to them, if she manages to make her popularity grow as an entertainer in the show, then she can pose a big challenge to others who don't seem to have anything extra to offer to balance and dominate her. 

Then, this could again be one-horse race like in the second season. Will it end up being one? Can someone really change the balance to their side? Divi seems to have good chances in being popular second or third choice of this season! 

These sceptics feel, this season seems to have very little going as far as entertainment factor is concerned. If weekend episodes depend more on Nagarjuna and his interactions with celebrities and contestants, then the show might soon end up being monotonous.

But here is the flipside, which is also emerging strongly on how the reality show is shaping up after the first week. No doubt this season's inmates lineup does not boast of big star power with celebrities worth their name. But the Bigg Boss' strategy of infusing the 'who is the secret Kattappa?' suspense into the game in the very first week has worked well in keeping the audiences on the edge of their seats. Audiences and show lovers, who don't seem to be overtly bothered about the star-cast in the show, appeared to have really enjoyed the twists and turns besides the nomination act.

Added to this was host Nagarjuna's much improved show as the anchor in comparison to the last season. He certainly seemed to have done his homework well, using his experience from the previous season. Unlike in the third season, there were more glimpses of spontaneity and ease in his performance in putting together all the sequences.

All said and done, this a debate that has just only begun and is likely to rage on for the next several weeks. Let's wait and see which way the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 will go..!

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