Bigg Boss Telugu 4: A Total Nagarjuna's Weekend!

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 makers have decided to go for complete Host's show for the second weekend. Nagarjuna too did not hesitate from giving the contestants his peace of mind about their behaviour. 

People from different walks of life watch the show and they all appreciated Nagarjuna's honest words about the contestants in Saturday's episode. While the Sunday's episode did not have similar impact but with Harika's fake elimination and a promise to go for fake double elimination did turn few eye balls towards them. 

Seems like actually IPL threat has helped the show makers to go for more aggressive host voice than the Season 3 style. Even on Sunday-Funday episode Nagarjuna did not entirely go for highly friendly attitude of the earlier season and maintained that strong vibe of sarcasm too. 

People want high amount of drama on the show some or the other way. Nagarjuna's lectures and satires have kept it going. He directly advised few contestants to not go for safe play and also advised Noel Sean to start playing his game, seriously. 

He asked contestants to show seriousness or told them that he has no problem in evicting them at a time, if needed. Anchor Devi and "Amma" Rajasekhar got into an issue over how he tries to overact in the name of comedy. 

And Divi, Lasya had their own issues too. Harika seems to be unimpressed by Mehboob taking Monal Gujjar's side over her. The love triangle too seems to have slipped out of balance with Monal getting upset about other contestants talking about it. 

Sohel, Akhil, Abijeet and Avinash seem to have lot of their plate to convince others to escape themselves from being nominated. And Gangavva decided to fight it out than quit, which is heartening to look forward to. 

Can Avinash keep going with his entertaining vibe further? How will Gangavva deal with her issues over this week? Will the house be divided into groups now? More interesting questions to forward for this week's episodes.  Looks like weekend episodes have opened up the show better and IPL actually helped the makers to go for more aggressive content than "fencing"! 

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