Bigg Boss Telugu 4: There Is No Kattappa In Bigg Boss House, Says Devi Nagavalli

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Bigg Boss, in Telugu season 4, has started his twists and turns in the first week itself by revealing that there is an invisible Kattappa among the contestants. He has even asked everyone to name who it could be, which only heightened the suspense. Obviously, it has brought in a sense of suspicion over the undercover Kattappa and has set the cat amongst the pigeons with the contestants doubting one another. This has even resulted in some arguments in the house.

When Ariana Glory and Sohail, the two who recently came from the secret room, spoke to every member in private and asked who they think is the Kattappa, the contestants came up with a few names. Noel's name too popped up. But there were a few including Gangavva, who think it is Akhil. Gangavva says Akhil keeps waking up from his sleep every now and then to check around in the house. Giving a positive spin to it, she thinks Akhil may have been given the task of protecting the house. For this reason, Akhil is the Kattappa in her view.

But the most stunning observation came from Devi Nagavalli. Perhaps, wearing her journalist cap, she says Kattappa does not exist at all in the house. She thinks that none of them is wearing this popular Bahubali role. Devi says this to Suhail and Ariana when confronted with this question. This has only added a new twist in the suspense over Kattappa. In a veiled reference, Devi says that there is no chance of anyone of the 14 contestants, who originally entered the house, to be a disguised Kattappa. She cleverly turned the needle of suspicion towards Suhail and Ariana, who spent a few days in a secret room before entering the house.

Whether Devi is right or not in her assessment would be known soon but her take on the invisible Kattappa only deepened the nerve-wracking suspense and created more curiosity among the audiences on the whole issue. Clearly, the 'Kattappa riddle' is helping the first week's TRPs of the reality show.

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