Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Karate Kalyani Is Ruling Twitter, Check Out Why

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, the reality show promises all the fun and drama. Surya Kiran got evicted from the BB house and the remaining contestants are not leaving any stone unturned to enthrall the audience. Talking about yesterday's episode, Bigg Boss assigned a task, 'BB TV' to the contestants. The skit titled 'Atha Alludu America Moju', Karate Kalyani played the role of mother to Divi and Abhijeet in the skit.

She is also a nagging mother in law who harasses her daughter in law(Sujatha). Abhijeet and Sujatha are husband and wife in the skit. Karate Kalyani plans to do her daughter's (Divi) marriage with Akhil, a young man from America.

He wants to marry Karate Kalyani’s daughter Divi but he accidentally falls in love with the maid. The maid in the skit is Devi. Later, Akhil got to know that Devi is a maid and not Karate Kalyani’s daughter.  As soon as Akhil realises his mistake,  he tries a lot to convince Divi for marriage but she doesn’t like him after seeing his perspective on villages and country people.

At the end, Sujatha convinces Divi to marry Akhil. The mother in law Karate Kalyani understands the good nature of her daughter in law.

All the contestants have performed well in the task. But, Karate Kalyani became an internet sensation, and show lovers are singing praises for her performance in the task. After yesterday's task, most of the audiences have changed their opinion on her and now became a fan of her. If you don’t believe us, then, take a look at the tweets:

Those who are new to this story, nine contestants have been nominated for this week's eviction. Gangavva, Noel, Monal, Sohel, Karate Kalyani, Kumar Sai, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika, and Abhijeet are in the danger zone.

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