Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Akhil, A Big Problem For Sohel?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is full of fights and controversies.Recently, Mehaboob was evicted from the house. We all know that Mehaboob and Sohel share a good rapport. Now, Sohel and Akhil became friends in the house. 

 Sohel was often criticised for his frequent spells of anger and even Nagarjuna the host of the show advised him to control anger.  Sohel is keeping all his efforts to control his anger but sometimes, he couldn't. This is becoming a big problem for him.

In the latest episode, Sohel nominated Harika during the task and both of them involved in a very bad fight.  He lost his temper and commented on Harika's height which didn't go well with a few sections of the audience. Now, few folks are saying that Sohel is becoming aggressive by looking at Akhil's attitude as he is also one of the contestants in the house who can't control his anger.  Akhil nominated Abhijeet and both of them engaged in an ugly fight. 

Netizens are tweeting that Sohel should be careful with Akhil and are saying that Akhil may use him for winning the game. Here are a few tweets from Twitter.

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