Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Winner Can Shivin Beat Vikraman to Lift Trophy?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 curtains will be down in the next few hours. The audience are excited to know which contestant will bag the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 trophy. As per the predictions, Azeem, Shivin, and Vikraman are in the finale race with equal scores. They say that any one of these three may take the trophy home. On the other hand, Shivin is trending on Twitter for the win. Shivin fans are not leaving any stone unturned to root for her for votes. Shivin fans are working 24/7 on social media platforms and requesting the audience to cast their vote for Shivin.

A section of the audience says that Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 finale is about Shivin vs. Azeem and Vikraman. They say that Shivin does not have a PR team or politics like Azeem and Vikraman. Well, it's worth mentioning that Shivin has gained huge popularity and fame after entering Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. Netizens say that if Shivin wins the trophy then her win will break the record that Shivin is the first transgender contestant to win the Bigg Boss show.

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