Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Voting Results Week 7 

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 contestants are carrying the courtroom drama task very well, and viewers are liking the way contestants are keeping their points in the task. ADK is getting backlash from the viewers for being partial to Vikram. Dhanalakshmi's case got dismissed as she and Ayesha failed to prove they are innocent in the case and there was no proper evidence to show. Rachita and Vikraman won the case. In today's episode, the case is about a missing key that was used to lock Kathiravan. Anyway, the contestants are impressing Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 viewers by showing their hidden talent.

The contestants who got nominated for this week's elimination are Amudhavanan, Robert, Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta, Azeem, and Ram. As per the voting result of the unofficial Bigg Boss S Tamil 6, the safe zone contestants are Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta, Azeem, and Ram. Amudhavanan and Robert are in the danger zone, Anyway, the voting line will change according to the contestants' performance and behavior in the task. So let us wait and watch to see who will get evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 house in the seventh week.

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